We offer ranges of accredited laboratory analyses from the environment, water to food safety compliance.

  • Food Safety Analysis
  • Halalan Toyyiban Analysis
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Industrial Sewage / Water and Waste Water
  • Non-Food Analysis
  • Agricultural, Forestry, and Horticulture Testing
  • Marine Testing and Monitoring
  • Acid Nucleic Testing

We are the leading laboratory and center of reference in Southern Region of Malaysia for Halalan Toyyiban analysis and research.

We are accredited lab of ISO 17025:2017 under SAMM and DSM.

A comprehensive range of food safety solutions which comprises services such as food adulterant, nutrition and composition testing and food microbiology

To ease of mind for everyone, the ability to provide safe and nutritious food and free from forbidden components such as pork and alcohol, there is a need for reliable testing related to halalan toyyiban.

Microbiological testing plays a big role in quality control for varieties of products in ensuring the safety of the products

Fulfilling the requirement accordance to the authority standards

Conduct Mandatory analysis for water quality assurance and monitoring water pollution

Perform test related to adulterant and contaminants either in pharmaceutical /nutraceutical, cosmetics, and non-food products

We offer full ranges of supply chain of services that reduce risk, ensure quality and improve productivity inclusive if Soil Analysis, Plant Nutrient Testing, Pesticides and Agrochemical and related parameter

Marine monitoring studies involve repeated sampling in time and mainly focused on chemical, physical and biological parameter

Contaminant / Adulterant such as Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), Allergen, species-specific identification, and molecular biology related field.